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Veneziana Motoscafi


Discovering the main islands in Venice.

This tour explores  three of the most interesting islands in Venice: Murano, famous for its glassmaking industry; Burano, with its colorful houses and lace shops; and Torcello, one of the first settlements in the Venice Lagoon, popular for Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral and Attila’s throne.


This tour first stops at Murano island, famous for its glassmaking industry. Here you will spend about 40 minutes, during which you can visit one of the factories that exist on the island and admire the master glass makers at work. Or, if you are interested, you can visit the Museum of Glass or the ancient Basilica of Saint Donato.

Afterwords, you will head towards Burano, a lovely fishermen village famous for its lacemaking industry and brightly painted houses. Here, you can also find and taste some very special cookies,  the BUSSOLAI, typical of this island.

After another 40 minutes, we get back onboard to reach Torcello, one of the first settlements in the Venice Lagoon. The 11th century Cathedral with its magnificent mosaics and the 12th century church of Saint Fosca are a vivid example of its ancient glory.

Make sure you find some time to go visit Locanda Cipriani, one of Ernest Hemingway’s most favourite spots, and to take a picture on the legendary Attila’s throne.

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We also offer an 8 hour long excursion, surely the best way to enjoy a day on the water in Venice.

In addition to the programme described in the 4 hour excursion, this tour also gives you the possibility to enjoy a lovely and typical lunch on one of the islands. Moreover, you will have the time to stop at another beautiful jewel of the Venice Lagoon, San Francesco del Deserto. Formerly known as “the island with 2 vineyards”, it was given to Saint Francis and his fellow friars in 1228. After Saint Francis’ death and canonisation, a church was built: that church still exists and is now a Franciscan friars’ monastery where visitors are welcomed.

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